Protecting one of the last remaining untouched rainforests on earth
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Junglekeepers is helping to create a conservation area in the vitally important Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. We work to protect one of the most biodiverse and pristine areas of this region: the Las Piedras river corridor, one of the last remaining untouched rainforests on earth. 

Junglekeepers, in collaboration with local partners, has helped protect an initial 4,906 acres along Las Piedras river which we actively protect from resource extraction and destruction.




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We are dedicated to protecting the Las Piedras region from illegal logging, mining and poaching. Junglekeepers Peru does this by acquiring the land rights of a concession then continuing to protect the land.



Forest Rangers monitor our concession and report any illegal activity. For local Peruvians the ranger program also offers an employment alternative that protects the land rather than harms it.



Successful conservation of the Las Piedras corridor is achieved by collaborating with local communities, and other NGOs aligned with our vision.

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How to help

Junglekeepers, in collaboration with partner NGOs and Peruvian conservationists, has created an initiative known collectively as Corredor Las Piedras (CLP). Our focus is to create an uninterrupted conservation area stretching along the Las Piedras River.

Your contribution allows us to preserve biodiversity, create protected areas, and protect species and people that have no other line of defense.

Join us as we work to protect additional land.